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Best Spots For Portraits & Wedding Photography In Colorado Springs

Holly Pacione - As a Colorado Springs wedding photographer I am often asked which locations in the area are best for portrait shoots.  I believe strongly that the personality of the subject should determine this, as well as the activities they enjoy.  I like my portraits to be a reflection of who they are and what they enjoy.  For example,  a couple who loves to spend time riding their horse on their ranch would be best photographed doing just that.  A couple with a love for reading might want their portrait session to happen in a Barnes and Noble.

colorado springs wedding

However, over the years, I have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful spots in Colorado Springs at which to take both portraits and wedding photographs, and I use these when there is not a specific location that draws meaning for my clients.  From the list, they get to pick the spot that appeals most to them.

My favorite spot to take photographs is Fox Run Park.  This spot is a wedding photographer’s dreams because it is filled with pine trees which not only help with year round shooting, but also cover up such unsightly things as telephone wires, buildings and more.  This park also has two little ponds, a beautiful gazebo, two playgrounds and several fields.  There are opportunities here for photographing a wide variety of clients at a wide variety of ages and stages of life. 

fox run park

Another favorite spot for me is downtown Colorado Springs.  There are lots of urban backgrounds here including brightly painted walls, rustic looking alleyways, and old stone and brick buildings.  Some of my favorite spots are along Weber St.  I also love the bus station a lot, especially a few hours before evening when the light comes in from behind and creates a great glow on the subjects.

My third spot is Rock Ledge Ranch.  This is a historic ranch site complete with old farm buildings, equipment, fields, a small stream and a view of Garden of the Gods.  They are open to photography during their non-operating hours, but do not want photography done there while they are open.

The next spot is Manitou Springs.  There are lots of cool old buildings there and a lot of variety of scenery.  One of the best features here are the bright colors on the walls of the buildings that allow real pop and personality to the photos.  The arcade is a great location for photos.

The last spot I will include here is Garden of the Gods.  While this spot is one of the most beautiful in the city, it is also very commonly used,  so I do not use it very often.  However, there is a stunning beauty to it.  The red rocks are gorgeous against the bright blue sky and there is little evidence of man to get in the way of photography.  My favorite spot there is actually at the entrance, near where the Garden of the Gods sign is.  Here you can get a view of the Garden with Pikes Peak behind it.  It is a  gorgeous spot, but the more you drive around this park the more spots you will find.  The park does not charge admission.

garden of the gods

While these are my favorite spots, there are many more wonderful spots in Colorado Springs for wedding photography.  It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and there are gorgeous places almost anywhere you go.


Holly Pacione and her husband Matt Pacione are wedding and portrait photographers in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Their style is laid back and photojournalistic, with the goal of always capturing natural moments and expressions.


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