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Evergreen Colorado Wedding Photographers IN Photography

WedFog - Tell us a bit about yourself.

Michele & Mark  - Mark & I met in 2002 when we began attending The Art Institute of Colorado to get our degrees in photography. When Mark was held up at gunpoint in his apartment he moved in with me after hearing that I was looking for a roommate. Over the course of our two years as roommates, I fell for him and with the help of a little tequila to calm the nerves I confessed my undying love for him. Immediately after graduating we opened a portrait studio together in my hometown of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Four years later, in 2008, we got married.

WedFog - Tell us how you got started with wedding photography.

Michele & Mark - Our business initially started as a portrait studio but after shooting a wedding for a family friend and being given complete creative freedom we realized that was our true calling in photography. After two years spent in the Arizona desert we were longing for the Rocky Mountains and relocated our business to Evergreen, Colorado. We now shoot weddings throughout the state and are lucky enough to work with some of the coolest couples in Colorado.

WedFog - If we were hiring a wedding photographer today, why would we hire you?

Michele & Mark - I think there is so much talent out there that it really comes down to personality. We live in the mountains with our two dogs, love the outdoors, and enjoy our laid-back lifestyle. We typically book like-minded people. I believe sharing some common interests and genuinely wanted to be friends with our clients is how we provide them with the best possible experience.

WedFog - What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Michele & Mark - There are so many different aspects that I love but I'd have to say I have a love/hate relationship with the moments leading up to the ceremony. I love when a bride just finishes putting on her dress and veil and looks at herself in the mirror for the first time. That moment of "it's finally here" is so exciting and surreal but sometimes I would like to remind my brides to remember to enjoy the moment and not get too caught up in worrying about every odd and end.

WedFog - Name your  favorite venues or locations to shoot at and tell us why you like working there.

Michele & Mark - Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge and Allred's in Telluride. Anytime I can off-road up a ski run in the middle of summer or ride a gondola to get to work, I know life is good.

WedFog - Care to share some of your favorite photos with us?

Michele & Mark -All the unrehearsed, unpredictable moments that will make people look back and smile are the best part. This ring bearer could not get to the groom, his uncle, fast enough to give him a huge hug.

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Engagement portraits are so much fun! I love this image because it's one of those moments that expresses pure happiness between the couple.

Colorado wedding photographer

Mark is responsible for the photos of the groom and groomsmen prior to the ceremony. He does such an awesome job getting them comfortable in front of the camera.

CO wedding photographers

WedFog - Any words of wisdom for the brides to be?

Michele & Mark - Mark & I just got married last June and I think the single most important piece of advice I can give is to live in the moment and enjoy every single second of it. I can't believe how incredibly fast the day was over. Don't get caught up in worrying about every little thing, it's not worth it.



Michele & Mark Sprague-DeVries of IN Photography located in Evergreen, CO are available for travel anywhere in Colorado.


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