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Normal Illinois Wedding Photographer Mark Romine

WedFog - Tell us a bit about yourself.

Mark - A long time ago I never thought I would like photographing weddings, I thought there would be too much pressure. It took only photographing one wedding to change my mind. I absolutely love what I do and I love seeing the expressions on the faces of our clients when they see their photos.

WedFog - Tell us how you got started with wedding photography.

Mark - I began transitioning into the wedding market in 1999-2000 because of a down turn in the commercial advertising market in my area. 2000 was my first full year of weddings.

WedFog - If we were hiring a wedding photographer today, why would we hire you?

Mark - So you can just be yourself and have fun without worrying about your photos.

WedFog - What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Mark - Any time during the day when there are emotions to be captured. Father seeing the bride for the first time. When a gift or card is delivered to the Bride from Groom. Bride and Groom seeing each other for the first time. Just before the Father of the Bride walks his daughter down the aisle during the procession as well as when he hands her to the groom. First dances. I love capturing the raw emotions that take place thought-out the wedding day.


WedFog - Care to share some of your favorite photos with us?

Mark - Father & daughter dance, her look says it all.

normal illinois wedding photographer mark romine


Mark - Bride and Groom fist meeting on wedding day. Love the sheer joy in her eyes.

illinois wedding photographer


Mark - Rarely are group photos my favorite but for some reason on this photo everything jsut feel into place without any direction.

photographer normal illinois


Normal Illinois wedding photographer Mark Romine of covers all of the Mid-West as well as the Caribbean and Western Europe.


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