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Is it better to book a wedding photographer who uses film or a wedding photographer who uses digital equipment?

Both film and digital cameras capture and record light.  Film cameras do so by exposing the film to light.  Digital cameras use an electronic sensor instead of film.  Both formats are capable of producing stellar images in the hands of an experienced professional.  The vast majority of people presented with a 5x7 inch print of a professionally shot and processed digital photograph and a professionally shot and processed film photograph will not be able to tell which is which.  When shopping for a wedding photographer, review each candidate’s work with your own eyes, either by viewing samples online or by scheduling an appointment to look at examples of his or her prints and albums.  You will likely find that the quality of the prints and albums are of ultimate importance, regardless of whether the photographer chooses to use film or digital photography.  The photographer’s medium of choice will not usually impact his or her ability to provide a wide variety of products and services.


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