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Long Beach Wedding Photographer Jerry Frazier

WedFog - Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jerry - I like the color green. Peanut better is my favorite food. I dig the beach. What else is there to know?

WedFog - Tell us how you got started with wedding photography.

Jerry - I was shooting portraits, rock bands, and fine-art photography. I went to a wedding in North Carolina. It was a friend of my wife, and I brought my camera and a few rolls of film. The hired photographer was really cool and let me shoot along with him. I had a great time. On the way home on the plane, I told my wife, "I know what I am going to do with the rest of my life". When I got home, I built a website, and started marketing my services as a wedding photographer, and the rest is history. Shortly after that, I realized that I needed some experience, so I began second shooting with other local photographers. One took me under her wing and I shot with her for about a year and that's where I really learned a lot about how to shoot weddings.

WedFog - If we were hiring a wedding photographer today, why would we hire you?

Jerry - I always tell clients that there are 3 reasons to hire a photographer.

  1. Personality. Do you feel comfortable with them? I think this is probably the most important thing. The photographer will be hanging out with you all day long, and will be mingling with your friends and family, so you want to make sure that you can get along with them and feel comfortable with them. So, when you meet with your photographer, this is something that you should be checking out.
  2. Work. Can you connect with the work? When you look at the albums and images, can you see yoruself in the images? If the work does nothing for you, then don't hire that photogrpaher. Most likely, you will get images similar to what you see, and if they don't move you or are not meaningful to you, that particular photogrpaher may not be for you.
  3. Price. The price has to be within your budget. However, make sure that your budget is realistic. I hear brides sometimes say that they had no idea how much wedding photography costs, and therefore didn't budget enough. The bridal mags and websites often give unrealistic expectations regarding this, so be careful. But, in the end, the price has to be right. Just be sure that price isn't at the top of your list. It should be a consideration, but not the primary deciding factor. The reason is that price is NOT a differentiator between different photographers. Price is complicated ane there are numerous reasons why photographers charge what they charge.

I would never say why you should hire me. Only you can decide that. If all 3 things above jive for you, then I'm your wedding photographer.  :-)

WedFog - What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Jerry - My favorite part of the wedding day is the emotional part. I never know when that might be. Sometimes it happens when the father walks in after the bride has put on her dress, and he starts tearing up. Other times it occurs when the groom sees his bride for the first time in her dress. Other times it occurs during the first dance or during the speeches. It's unpredicatble, and I am always ready. But, i just love the emotions of weddings, and I look for those small moments as they happen. That's the good stuff.


WedFog - Care to share some of your favorite photos with us?

Jerry - This image was awesome. The girls started talking about her groom and what a great guy he is, and she started crying thinking about him and the wedding that’s about to happen. Both the girls in the background had tissues for her ready to go.

long beach wedding


Jerry - This was an image taken during their bride and groom portrait session. They seemed a little uptight at first. They wanted to get back to the reception. I asked them to just hang out for a minute. Just talk or whatever and I walked away. I took out a long lens and just waited. Eventually, they eased up and I was able to capture this image. This is one of my all time favorites.

jerry frazier


Jerry - This image was pretty funny. This was during their first dance. The couple got out there and started doing their first dance, and then started feeling embarrassed with all the attention on them. So, they kind of just stopped and stood there, and turned all red not knowing what to do. All at once, everyone in the wedding party got up, and formed a circle around them and started moving around them while they stood in the middle. It was hilarious!

jerry frazier long beach


Jerry Frazier Photography shoots the Long Beach area but shoots weddings world-wide and is available to travel anywhere the wind blows.

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