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North Carolina Wedding Photographer R.D. Decker

WedFog - Tell us a bit about yourself.

Bob - Young dude trapped in an old geezer's body. I spent a number of years teaching SCUBA, which is the vocation that led me to the East Coast.

WedFog - Tell us how you got started with wedding photography.

Bob - My name kind of says it all, doesn't it. After all, you hear about "Uncle Bob" all the time. Actually I was bitten by the photo bug at about 8 years of age and was a serious amateur for many, many years. I shot a few weddings for my girlfriend's/future wife's family and friends. Frankly I hated it. I was constantly worried about whether the film advanced properly, did I expose correctly plus many other concerns. Years later, after moving to the coast and as I was first beginning to play with digital photography, a friend managed to convince me to shoot his wedding. The ability to "chimp" alleviated all my fears from the film days. While I shot that event with both film and digital capture I didn't even bother to develop the film for a couple years after the wedding. I had fun and found a great outlet for the creative photographer in me.

WedFog - If we were hiring a wedding photographer today, why would we hire you?

Bob - I have enough experience to insure solid images, have a work ethic that ensures my reliability and I am properly licensed and insured as any reputable professional should be. I combine a documentary approach with fashion-editorial lighting and portraiture techniques to create images that are fresh, modern and fun.

WedFog - What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Bob - I truely love the entire day. During the typical event I get to play photojournalist, still life/food photographer and portrait artist. It's great to have a little variety in your work day. But if I have to choose a favorite part I think it has to be the short period alone with the bride and groom that I get to create romantic portraits. It's during that segment of the day that I get to direct a bit, pose a bit, and apply my knowledge of creative lighting techniques to make images that "Aunt Robin" and "Uncle Rob" can only dream of pulling off. It's such a rewarding feeling when you know you've capture that perfect portrait of the couple.

WedFog - Care to share some of your favorite photos with us?

Bob -"Brooke" against what appears to be a white-hot background. The image was actually shot with her standing in front of a window covered with white mini-blinds. When I saw the bright sunlight coming through the window I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

Bob Decker Photography


 I love the colors and feel of this image.  A beautiful bride, a handsome groom and a gorgeous afternoon on the beach.  It all came together in this romantic moment.

bob decker photography



R.D. Decker Photography is based in Newport North Carolina and shoots weddings in Eastern North Carolina, South Eastern Virginia and North Eastern South Caroilina... i.e. the coastal areas.

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