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Cleveland Ohio Wedding Photography Locations

Lets start with some of the Cleveland wedding photography basics. You can have your wedding photos taken with Bob Feller (the statue) at Progressive Park (home of the Cleveland Indians) or cross the street and take a picture at the grave of chief Louis Sockalexis who the Indians were named for. You could always opt to have some wedding photos taken with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame behind you or just go to Tower City and have a picture taken with a 12 ft. guitar display for the Hard Rock Cafe. You could go to University Circle and have pictures taken at Wade Lagoon behind the art museum or at the Italian and other cultural gardens on MLK blvd.

Where to go for those Zany, Quirky, One of a Kind Posed Wedding Party Shots.

But now, lets get funky with our Cleveland wedding photography. Especially for autumn wedding photography, what better site for pictures then a cemetery, Lakeview cemetery, which is home to the Rockefellers. You could go to the Natural History Museum in Cleveland and take a picture riding on the Stegosaurus. If you are more of a old world type, you could go to Squire’s castle in the metro parks, but beware of the weather, Squires was never completed and there is no roof.

squires castle cleveland ohio

If you really like zany wedding photos, you can climb on the Free Stamp at Cleveland City Hall (you need to see it to believe it).

free stamp cleveland ohio


For the back to nature Cleveland wedding photography I highly recommend Mentor headlands park where you have a beautiful view of the lake and some great sand dunes to use as backgrounds. You can also go to Holden Arboretum and find all the nature you would want. But if you are looking for Lord of the Rings type background for your wedding party, you need to go to the Ledges at Virginia Kendall Park near Hudson. You will not believe the beauty of trails with boulders 40 feet high and trees that grow out of the rocks. Be sure to have the ladies (and the guys for that matter) bring walking shoes because you will need to hike a ways, but trust me, it is most definitely worth it.


My name is Michael Steinberg and I have been a pro photographer in the Cleveland area for over 35 years. You can read my blog at or visit my website at  Hope you enjoyed the article.



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