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Cranbrook House in Birmingham Michigan Wedding Photography and Review

Cranbrook is an interesting venue because there are LOTS of great places on the grounds to have weddings ceremonies. Our favorite area is the backyard of the Cranbrook house overlooking the lake. What a beautiful setting. Cranbrook is a national historical landmark and the campus features the work of world-renowned architects which provide lots of fabulous places to create photos that combine architecture and nature. It is also not far from downtown Birmingham, MI which opens up a many more fun opportunities for us.

This shows a photo during the ceremony with Cranbrook lake in the background.

cranbrook ceremony overlooking lake

Here is what the back lawn looks like. The late afternoon light on the area is just spectacular.

cranbrook wedding ceremony on lawn behind cranbrook house

Here’s just a casual photo of the bridal party all together on the back lawn.

bridal party at Cranbrook

There are plenty of amazing photographic opportunities so you need to make sure enough time is scheduled to take pictures all around the grounds at Cranbrook.

archway at cranbrook gardens

walking around the cranbrook grounds

a nice place to relax by the flower gardens

Near the art museum is an open lawn space that is perfect for a large tent wedding.

cranbrook tent wedding

Hiring a professional florist and tent designer can be key to personalizing the event.

outdoor tent wedding at cranbrook

table settings at cranbrook wedding

The grounds around the Cranbrook Art Museum have beautiful flowers, sculptures and fountains.

fountains near cranbrook art museum

flowers in the summer at cranbrook house and gardens

The art museum has a lot of wide open space which is perfect for the cocktail hour

cocktail hour on the steps

Their are also a lot of great places for photos right around the Cranbrook Art Museum

bride on the steps at the cranbrook art museum

bride and groom by the green doors at the cranbrook art museum

bride and groom on the stops of the cranbrook art museum

wedding couple walking near the art museum reflecting pool

Right outside of the Cranbrook grounds is Christ Church Cranbrook which is a stunning old church for your ceremony if you don’t have it on the church grounds. If you go there, talk to Ed Mullins…he’s the reverend there and a great guy!!

bride walking down the aisle at Christ Church Cranbrook

interior of christ chuch cranbrook



Prem and Cheridy Mukherjee of the Michigan wedding photography studio Arising Images. Awareded Metro Detroits Best Wedding Photographer in 2007.

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