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The Detroit Athletic Club in Detroit Michigan Wedding Photography and Review

The Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) was founded in 1887 and is one of the finest private clubs in the country. There is rooftop access which provides beautiful views of downtown Detroit at night and it’s especially fun when a Tigers baseball game is going on at Comerica park because you can look right down into the park from their roof.

After the ceremony and before we head to the DAC, we like to head to downtown Detroit and do some photos. The river front by the Renaissance center is a nice place to walk around and do photos as long as you don’t mind gawkers!!

Wedding photos by the Renaissance center in detroit

Bride and Groom by the detroit riverfront

When we got to the DAC, we were blown away by the setup of the room which was done by Emerald City Designs. Everything looked spectacular from the decor to the table settings.
Detroit Athletic Club wedding reception setup

Detroit Athletic Club banquet room

Here are a couple images of the head table in the main banquet room of the Detroit Athletic Club.
head table setup at DAC in Detroit, MI\

Flowers on the head table

After dinner we headed up to the DAC rooftop and photographed the couple using Comerica Park as the backdrop.
Rooftop wedding photos and the detroit skyline with comerica park

We then head back inside the Detroit Athletic Club for the Bride and Grooms first dance of the night
first dance at the DAC in Detroit


Prem and Cheridy Mukherjee of the Michigan wedding photography studio Arising Images. Awareded Metro Detroits Best Wedding Photographer in 2007.

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