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The Roostertail in Detroit Michigan Wedding Photography and Review

The Roostertail is a beautiful setting for wedding photography right on the Detroit river. The main dining room is surrounded by big glass windows allowing lots of natural light to come through. It is also right near downtown Detroit and the Renaissance Center where there are lots of great places to go for photos with the bride and groom. The word “roostertail” typically refers to the spray off a fast boat or a waterskiier and they have beautiful fountains that are lit up at night that shoot jets of water into the air like a huge roostertail.

Here’s the view of downtown Detroit, MI from the back of the Roostertail.

Detroit skyline from the Roostertail

Inside, the main dining room has lots of room and with all the windows, it feels very open and bright.

Roostertail dining room setup

The central location of the head table was perfect at the setup of this wedding. They were on a raised area where everyone had a clear view of the bride and groom and the wedding party.

Wedding reception setup at the Roostertail in Detroit, MI

Afer the ceremony we headed to downtown Detroit to get some urban style wedding photos using all the fun colored and textured walls in the city.

Fun image in downtown Detroit, MI

Wedding picture in downtown Detroit, Michigan

Urban wedding photography in Detroit, MI

The ambiance and mood in the Roostertail once evening comes and the lights come on inside and outside

Roostertail nightime lighting

Here’s a photo on the walkway over the water behind the Roostertail in Detroit, MI.

Photo on dock of the Roostertail in Detroit

It was spectacular once the “roostertail” like fountains kicked on at the back of the building on the Detroit river side.

Roostertail fountains at night

Another unique aspect at the Roostertail venue is the dance floor that raises up a few feet during the bride and groom’s first dance.


Prem and Cheridy Mukherjee of the Michigan wedding photography studio Arising Images. Awareded Metro Detroits Best Wedding Photographer in 2007.

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