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Meadowbrook Mansion in Rochester Hills Michigan a Wedding Photographer's Review

The Meadowbrook mansion is a spectacular venue. It is the fourth largest historic house museum in the United States. It has a great mix of architectural beauty and natural grounds. The outdoor weddings on the grounds near the Pegasus fountain create a beautiful setting for a wedding and they have a large tent where you can have an outdoor tent reception and the tent can be converted into an absolutely beautiful room. The mansion itself is breathtaking and like taking a step back into history.
We love to shoot there because we have LOTS of space around the grounds to fine cool places for photos.

Here’s a few photos of the what a meadowbrook tent wedding setup can look like:

This was one of the neatest setups we’ve ever seen with beautiful lighting, thousands of silk butterflies hanging from the ceilings along with a couch lounge on the back end which provided for a very relaxing atmostphere.



Here’s a few quick photos of parts of the building showing it’s historic charm.


The Pegasus fountain provides a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

Here’s a photo of an outdoor wedding ceremony shot from the rooftop that shows off the layout at meadowbrook.

After the ceremony, the guests can mingle on the lawn behind the mansion.

While the cocktail party is going on, we can walk around the beautiful grounds at meadowbrook and shoot photos using the architecture and the gardens.



If you decide to have your wedding inside the building instead of outside, there are lots of beautiful room, however, it is an old mansion with not very many windows which typically means not that much natural light. There are definitely more issues with space but depending on the size of your party, it can still be an excellent place to get married.


Prem and Cheridy Mukherjee of the Michigan wedding photography studio Arising /images. Awareded Metro Detroits Best Wedding Photographer in 2007.


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