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A Fallingwater Wedding in Western Pennsylvania



If you are thinking that you would like a unique and exciting venue for your wedding in the Western Pennsylvania region, one place that should be on your list is Fallingwater. Fallingwater, now a National Historic Landmark, is the famous home designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. It is built almost on top of a waterfall in Bear Run stream, located about 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. For more details, you should read through the Fallingwater entry in Wikipedia.

As part of your package, you get the right to do some of your wedding photography at the Fallingwater house. You can’t actually go in the home but that’s no problem because it is the exterior that makes Fallingwater distinctive and instantly recognizable. There are two dramatic locations for photography on the grounds of the home. Two of the images accompanying this article show these locations.


Weddings at Fallingwater are centered around a nearby facility called The Barn at Fallingwater. The Barn has an air-conditioned “Fireplace Room” downstairs perfect for a wedding ceremony and a “Hayloft” upstairs equally perfect for a reception. The grounds around the Barn are picturesque and strewn with picnic tables and park benches so your guests will have the freedom to roam around and be comfortable.


The Barn at Fallingwater Hayloft looks great with just a few added decorative touches. In one wedding I photographed, the family had put large paper Chinese lanterns over the round industrial- type light fixtures that added a marvelous ambience. You can see them in the image above, along with the small Christmas-style lights strung around the room and on the massive oak timbers.. The family also made beautiful table centerpieces, each with 6 small candles. The total effect was fun and classy.
falling water

The Barn Fireplace Room and Hayloft both seem to hold about 150 people comfortably. The Hayloft has nice wooden flooring which makes a good dance floor (and also wedding photographs well!). Your caterer may want to attach a tent to the side of the Barn for food service, either buffet or served. The event coordinator at Fallingwater can help with those arrangements.


Fallingwater is a beautiful setting for a wedding, and a dream for photography. Your wedding photographer will be able to create some strikingly beautiful wedding memories for you in this superb historic location.


Don Merz entered professional photography in 1973 lighting TV commercials for nationally-known clients. He served 25 years in the corporate world, including a brief stint in sports photography. He loves optimists, dogs and weddings, and is currently one of very few full-time, weddings-only photographers in Western Pennsylvania.


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