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Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer HotSpots by TopShots

Madison is a city full of diversity both in the people who live in it and the locations that are available when choosing your ceremony and reception venues.  Additionally there are countless places that offer beautiful scenery for wedding photo opportunities.  In this article I’ll be talking about my favorite five venues for wedding photos around Madison. 


Wisconsin Wedding Photographer


Since Madison is the capitol of Wisconsin one of the most prominent buildings available for weddings and photography is the Capitol building.  Located at basically the center of town and on an Isthmus you can see water from both sides (if you do a little poking around).  Inside the Capitol there are four accessible floors where weddings can be held.  The giant arching windows, circular structure and old world ambiance provides a unique atmosphere.  Many weddings tend to do bridal party photos around the capitol on pleasant days, so make sure to plan on enough time in case there is a queue.


Madison wedding photographer


An extension of the Capitol is the Monona Terrace.  I call it an extension because it is within walking distance (or limo distance) from the Capitol building (2 blocks).  Generally bridal parties and wedding photographers utilize the large concrete structures to give photos a little more edge and fun to the pictures taken here.  The entire east side of the Terrace has a railing overlooking the lake.  Additionally there is a fountain and a great view of the Capitol; both provide great photo opportunities.

Another iconic building that is popular for wedding photography is the Memorial Union.  There are numerous places that weddings have been held.  One of the caveats of booking here is the waiting list.  There are three distinct sites to have ceremonies and the one that is offered to you isn’t necessarily the one that you request. Often times you must be placed on a waiting list a year or two out.  So if this is a place you are interested in make sure to contact them early for booking.  The union, like the Capitol, has the advantage of beautiful indoor and outdoor photography locations along with access to a nice water front and even docks and the very iconic Madison multi-colored chairs.

If you are looking for more of a floral experience you can always try the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.  The gardens are made up of several separate garden areas. The Sunken Garden, The Thai Garden, A Rock Garden, A Meadow Garden, An Herb Garden, The Rose Garden, The Starkweather Creek, and Atrium Shade Gardens, and more.  There are many trails, ponds, and other little hidden features that make every photo taken at Olbrich Botanical Gardens different than the last wedding that went through.  For more information on what each Garden contains please visit their website.

The Stoughton Opera House is another great local area to have a wedding.  While not located directly in Madison it is nearby in rural Stoughton.  Built in 1901, the Opera house is a mix of Victorian and modern elements.  It has a second story viewing area (Which makes for some excellent photo opportunities) in addition to ample seating on the ground floor.  There is graffiti over much of the catacomb type tunnels and hallways which can make for some more fun urban wedding photos, as there was class plays were held in the building for fifty years.

These are just some of my favorite locations to shoots weddings around Madison but there are dozens more with just as much history.


Adam Perkins of TopShots Wedding Photography is a Madison Wisconsin based photographer who draws upon many different styles and influences.  He is available to make you look great on your wedding day; available in Madison and around the country.