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Massachusetts Wedding Photographer Seth Kaye

WedFog - Tell us a bit about yourself.

Seth - I started shooting seriously in college working for the campus newspaper while earning a degree in fine arts photography. That segued into a lot of freelance
photojournalism over the next few years which led to some corporate work photographing bands and musicians. Eventually I got talked into shooting my first wedding,
which turned out to be the most creatively satisfying thing I'd done.


WedFog - Tell us how you got started with wedding photography.

Seth -Early on my perception of what wedding photography was didn't connect with how I wanted to shoot them. It wasn't until I joined the DWF that I found a community of photographers who validated what it was I wanted to accomplish with my photography. Once I found my voice it took me a couple years to work up to doing this full time, and I haven't looked back.


WedFog - If we were hiring a wedding photographer today, why would we hire you?

Seth -I make a great effort to be a storyteller and to provide a photo essay of a couple's wedding day without imposing my own ideas of what that day should be. I love to photograph people being themselves, hopefully without their being overly aware of the process while it's happening. One of the best compliments I've had was when a couple told me they didn't even know I was there.

WedFog - What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Seth - I love the time earlier in the day while people are getting ready. I love capturing the excitement, the nerves, the range of emotions that come out as people are preparing for this great event. I'm amazed by and honored that people allow me into their lives and give me the opportunity to make these photographs for them.


WedFog - Name two of your favorite venues or locations to shoot and tell us why you like working there.

Seth - The Red Barn in Amherst, MA - Part of Hampshire College, in a field surrounded by mountains, there's a single huge old tree that's awesome as a backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and portraits. Chez Josef in Agawam, MA - It has a lot of character and interesting architecture to play off of.


WedFog - Care to share some of your favorite photos with us?

Seth - It was later in the evening and the couple were hoping to have a few minutes to themselves away from the reception. As they began walking away from the venue I hung back a bit and respected their moment while capturing this image lit only by the firepit.

new england wedding photographer

There was a lot of activity in the house that morning with sisters and bridesmaids competing for mirror-time. I thought it was cool that in this moment the bride's sister in the upstairs bathroom matched the activity and positioning of the bride having her hair done in the kitchen below.

massachusetts wedding photographer

The bride's stepfather felt he had plenty of time to take a quick nap before having to get ready to go, which the bride wasn't too sure about.

new england photographer



WedFog - Any words of wisdom for the brides to be?

Seth - In addition to selecting a photographer whose images you like, it's important to have a good rapport with whomever that is, so choosing a photographer who will respect your space as well as the wedding day will make for a better overall experience.


Seth Kaye of Seth Kaye Photography is wedding photographer located Western Massachusetts and is available throughout New England for weddings.