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Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer Daniel Romero

WedFog - Tell us a bit about yourself.

Daniel - I'm a Professional Photographer since 1985 ,Full Time Wedding Photographer from 1990.I'm a PPA Master Photographic Craftsmen and  WPPI AOPA Accolade . The  year 2008 I was Awarded with PPA Photographer of the Year Silver Level.I enter every year in the International competitions in PPA and WPPI. This 2009 , 5  images where accepted in WPPI . I learn a lot from those experiences and I know that I want to reach a highter level each year.

WedFog - Tell us how you got started with wedding photography.

Daniel -I begin in Wedding Photography assisting  another Photographer in PR , and my first wedding by myself was with his equipment . I remember using Studio lights, Hasselblad Cameras and two lenses lended by him. After that I buy my own Hassy Cameras and lenses and  I add 35mm to my coverage. In around 2001 I sell all Medium format and 35mm cameras , lenses and darkroom equipment valued around $30000 for $5000 and buy my first digital camera ( was Nikon D1x) because I see what was coming.

WedFog - If we were hiring a wedding photographer today, why would we hire you?

Daniel -I don't like to talk from myself. This two testimonials of my clients , I believe represent the people think of me.

"I met Daniel when I was looking for a Photographer for my wedding. His Professionalism and creativity caught my attention and that is why I chose him for one of the most important  events of my life. Daniel has an inimitable eye for photography that captivates the very best in people. The quality of his images are the best I have seen, and his  creativity, patience and punctuality make him an authority in the field of Professional Photography. My satisfaction with him as a Photographer is so that he has become the family Photographer. Daniel Romero has been in all of the most important events of my life so far, such as the Baptism of my son and goddaugther. I highly recommend Daniel Romero as a Photographer  and if he is to be graded I will give him A." - Alexandra Fullana

"My Husband and I want to thank you for everything you've done for us in photographing our wedding day. Every picture was breathtaking, and working with you was unforgetable. your professionalism, punctuality and imagination made an Album to remember. Your work captured every detail of that special day. Not a day pass by that we hear nothing but praise of our wedding Album and how impressed everyone is when they see those images..Working with Daniel was nothing , but absolute pleasure and a lifetime to remember..." - Marisofi Olazabal.

WedFog - What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Daniel - Depend of the wedding. For example, in Hindu wedding the ceremony is plenty of opportunities to take great images because the colorful dresses and the many things happening (they cook, pray, taste things..). In Beach or outdoors ceremonies I have the freedom to move without be noticed too much using long lenses from different point of views . With some couples that are very cooperative and spontaneus I don't have to direct them to have good expresions.


WedFog - Name two of your favorite venues or locations to shoot and tell us why you like working there.

Daniel - Old San Juan City in Puerto Rico,  Spanish type arquitecture with  beautiful and romantic surroundings, Old Historic  well preserved houses, coblestone streets , spectacular sunsets...Other location are our beaches ( we have many beautiful) where I make outdoors engagements sessions with Couples ,Childrens and  Family Portraiture.


WedFog - Care to share some of your favorite photos with us?

Daniel - I have many images as my preferred but  my favorite image is not a wedding image and is because I'm emotionally attached. Was when I had  back to Argentina last year 08 because my Mother pass away. After a few days with my remaining family , I travel from Buenos Aires six hours in a car to Santa Fe  to visit the town  where I was Born ( I left at the age of 12, I'm 52 now) and after 35 years from my last visit,  I find the house where I was born , and crossing the street was a Lady against a wall under the winter sun ( was a ver cold day) and I talk with her briefly and she remember me when I was 9 years old  or so playing soccer  with his children beside his house. It was a very emotional and touching moment for me in many ways , and because remember my mother too. This image don't hang in  competition .

Puerto Rico wedding


Puerto Rico wedding


Puerto Rico wedding


WedFog - Any words of wisdom for the brides to be?

Daniel - I say in my presentation to the Bride and Groom that I try to be most unobtrusive as I can in their Wedding Day , just  in some parts of the wedding I need  a little help from them because some things will never happen if I don't make it happen. Like a walk on the beach in a beautiful sunset, or when I find a place with the best light and composition tell me that will be a wonderful image to display in their wedding Album. My message is : We are working for you ,  give time to your Photographer , the
compensation will be wonderful images that you never regret  to have it.


Daniel Romero of Daniel Romero Photography is wedding photographer located in Puerto Rico and is available for travel. 


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